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Spanning from the classroom to the field, the mission of the Columbia Basin Student Homebuilder Program (CBSHBP) is to provide real-world application, exposure, and opportunity to the student populations in the Columbia Basin region. Sponsored by the Northeast Oregon Homebuilders Association (NEOHBA), in partnership with the City of Hermiston and the Hermiston School District, the project serves as a melding of current programming, private, and public partnership in order to generate a self-sustaining, unique, and essential opportunity for the region’s youth. Involving dozens of pupils across five programs of study, students are intimately and authentically involved in all facets of the process, design, construction, oversight, and marketing of one high-quality residential home per year. Working under the oversight of city and local officials, architects, field professionals, and engineers, students create connections, explore trades, and learning about job skills, work ethic, and career opportunities available to them in the 21st Century.